The Ashram

The Ashram is designed to facilitate extensive spiritual training & mentoring programs, promoting personal inner experience, opportunity to learn and contribute. When fully developed, Kanha will be able to host spiritual gatherings of over 50,000 people meditating under one roof equipped with training & seminar halls, comfortable dormitories multi-day stay, healthy & hygienic food, dining areas, canteens, medical facilities, fully equipped children centre, visual media centre, book stores etc.

Currently Kanha is a site under construction with dormitories, Kitchen, monument building etc., facilities being built and more under design or conceptualization phase. However, the site has moderate facilities to operate and serve the people onsite, seekers, visitors and official staff on duty.

Everyday group meditation is scheduled at 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM. Individual sittings/meditation sessions are facilitated on need basis. Every Sunday group meditation is scheduled at 7.30 AM.